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Game Preserve

Preserve open from Oct 1, 2016 to April 15, 2017
                   Upland Birds --  Turkey 
No small game license required for upland 
 Hunt with your dog $24 a Pheasant, $17 a Chukar, $13 Bob white.

Price good for 2016 thru 2017


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CHEAPEST PHEASANTS IN NY Compare with others;
                       Hull-O-Farm Durham NY $25 Pheasants
        Catskill Pheasantry Long Eddy NY $30 Pheasant
        Battenkill Salem NY $25 Pheasant
        Lidos Hillsdale NY $25 Pheasant
        Austerlitz Club Chatham NY $25 Pheasant

Upland Guide & dog fees hunt with flushing dog or pointing dog.  Pointing dog excellent for new & young hunters.

What you get and what to expect with a guided hunt (Click Here)

8 TO 10 birds $150
11 TO 12 birds $160
13 TO 14 birds $180
15 TO 20 birds $200

Guns for rent $20. 1 Box of shells $10, 12 & 20 guages number 6

These prices assume you have your own dog! No hidden guide fees. 
Pheasants @ $24                      Chukars @ $17
6   Pheasants $144          6 Chukars $102
7   Pheasants $168          7 Chukars $119
8   Pheasants $192          8 Chukars $136
9   Pheasants $216          9 Chukars $153
10 Pheasants $240         10 Chukars $170 

Quail $13 a bird 6 bird minimum

6 Quail $78 quail maybe limited availability  

UPLAND BIRDS More Info Click here 

Turkey Season
$50 a day per hunter

The cover is just perfect for holds birds good and thick and not so high you cannot see the dog. All walking paths and edge of fields mowed with zero turn like a law for easy walking.
  Most game birds do not like to cross an open area, so by mowing the end of the fields it holds the pheasants and chukars in the field more.  

About My Birds
 I am very fussy how I keep my birds my pens are built like no other bird pens you will find. I use a combination of good animal practice with wildlife management my birds pens have 3 inches of stone for drainage. They have stone dust so the birds can dust and peck and get good grit for digesting their food. Also we do not feed a commercial game bird grower. Growing  bigger quicker is not always good. Our birds have a more natural diet I buy feed from a local farm with their own milling process. 
 my birds are fed a more natural diet no antibiotics and with dry pens and natural feed my birds are always good looking.   We give the birds weeds, grass clippings, milled food, corn, oats. Our birds have at least 400 lbs of food in front of them all the time and greens and plenty of access to fresh water. My pens at least 9 ft and in some cases 12 feet high so the birds get a lot of flying room.    Large game preserves cannot do what we do, but we are going for the best not the most. My birds are a matter of pride to me, and they have to be just so or they will not be for sale. 

I have invested a great deal of money in my pens so I can raise the best bird possible for you! Here are some photos of the stone and the construction we do on a pen before we put birds in it.  My first year I built the pen in picture below. Was not happy with that so started to build more and better.  We built two barns for birds and another pen with better drainage in 2009 and in 2011 and we are building a third pen, so my barn space for birds now 8 X 52 feet.          

Land Rental

Land rental for dog training will be $100 for the day. Flyers will available Ducks, Pheasants, and occaional pigeons for the pointing dogs. If you stay for two days, you will have access to a freezer to store training birds overnight.

Cost of flyers will depend on grain prices and cost of chicks.




Michelle Linnane
2616 State Rt 162
Esperance NY 12066
518-488-8489 Day 

518-868-4566 Night




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