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Falcon hunts on game preserve - The story of Zema 
Some guy shows up one day and wants to buy a 1 pheasant in the fall of 2009. He was a master falconry (Mike Cornell) who lived in the same town as I did. He wanted it for his Goshawk. Yea no problem that is what I am in business for.

I have always had an interest in birds of prey, even more so lately running game preserve. Have many young Redtails in the fall. Birds of prey have always interested me. With everything I have going on I have never had a time to presue the interest.

Well Mike is hunter and has been doing falconry for 30 years. So now having I have a source to ask questions too. Mike came over at times to help me catch bird help with the hunt and loves to watch the dogs work.

I asked if anybody had ever hunted a dog and hawk or falcon together, well one thing lead to another and the following spring Mike is now looking for a falcon. To hunt pheasants with my dogs. He thought a falcon would be a good choice.
He already had a goshawk and wanted something a little different. He had a hard time finding what he wanted as wealthy oversea people buy all the white falcons Gry falcons for big money from the states $10,000 and $20,000. After a great deal of searching he finds a bird. She is a hybrid 1/2 Saker and 1/2 Gry at a resasonable price.

Zema arrives one day. Mike calls and said would you like to see the Falcon and of course I can not wait to see her. When I first look at her the first words out of my mouth are they always this ugly? There is just no other way to put it, she is homely, she looked like a hemroid with fuzz. Fortunately Mike has gotten used to me blurting stuff out that is on my mind and laughed.

Well the next step will be to introduce her to the dogs. Zema has now arrived! So we will attempt to take dogs who either retreive
or point birds for a living and say here is your new hunting buddy. I was a little worried about this part, I had an idea how the dogs would react I was worried they would try and retrieve her. From the time she was a few days, Zema like to eat. How much that bird ate has always amazed. There was no question about it Zema (the Falcon) is homely and a pig. 
Training Zema
We introduced the bird to three dogs Rubi, Blue and Sheba. I was a little nervous after we did Sheba so Mike did Blue on the introduction and I was happy to step aside. This is a picture of Mike introducing Zema to Blue and telling him No do not eat the big white mint! No Bad Dog
Well we keep working to get everybody used to everybody. A little time goes by and Zema is getting a little cute. And she can walk around the kennel floor and we keep doing introductions out in the kennel. We are starting to get everybody used to everybody.

As Zema grows in the late summer we have to teach her to kill on her own with out a dog first.
So we start trying to get her to kill a chukar first and then a pheasant.  Mike has all the knowledge I watch sit back and suggest. Between 30 years of dog training on my part and 30 years of bird training on his part it is a very enjoyable experience. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.
We would always let Zema have a blow out meal on the pheasant to try and get her going. I said to Mike can we ever get her to ride in the mule and he said never. One day when she is eating I said lets put her in the back of the mule in the bed. She did not mind at all and I said Zema is a big eater and will do anything for a meal. So pretty soon she would eat as mike would feed her off the glove on the mule.
Above are pictures with some of game preserve clients feeding Zema off the glove. Mike has her manners so good with a little supervision and a little guidance anyone can handle her. 
This is a way of life, it is not to make a living it is loving the outdoors, and nature and what it has to offer, and sharing it with others. We offer Pheasant hunt with Falcon for the price of the pheasant. This is not to make money it is to share the love a falconry with other.   

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