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Capital District Retriever Club, Inc.

Why join the Capital District Retriever Club?
  1) Privately owned grounds groomed for retriever training.   
  2) We offer training sessions for experienced and inexperienced handlers.
  3) We offer a great deal of information on our web page.
  4) Mentoring at our training sessions by very experienced field trainers.
  5) Seminars by the best retriever people from all over the country. 


How did the club start?
It has been my dream to start a retriever club in this area 
since I first bought my land in Schoharie County 13 years ago
in 1995. I came to this area and saw ponds every where. A 
dogs trainers dream. I talked to the soil conservation people 
and found out the soil content was all clay, and you did not
need a permit to dig a pond. A retriever persons DREAM. 
After buying the land the first thing I did was build

The club will always owe a debt to Billy Eckett and Bobby George of Blackwater Retrievers for donating their time to do the club’s first event. This seminar gave us the seed money to start the club. Again thank you Billy and Bobby for giving back to the sport this way. You guys are the best!

Training info brought to you by CDRC  we  feel these are all good articles.

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Capital District Retriever Club About Us

 I would like to welcome you to our web page. Our membership is made up from  a very

diverse group of people who interests are as follows;

  •  members running in  hunt tests

  •  members with hunting dogs and want to learn more about training

  •  members who are beginners who have done agility and want to try something different

  •  member show their dog to breed champions, do agility, and do field work

  •  members who campaign  in field trials, and judge in the USA and Canada.

We welcome all to join our membership. I myself have had 2 field champions, have

been an AKC & CKC  accredited judge for over 30 years. Field training retrievers

for me is not just a hobby but a life time passion for me.  Please come and join the club

and let us help you.   

President Michelle Linnane    


Our Clubs Goal

 Our goal is to train you as trainer. A training session that trains the trainer is worth something.

Remember the old saying, "give a man a fish and you feed for a day. Teach a man to fish and

feed  him for a lifetime."  We want to teach our members to FISH!   


Our Grounds

 We are very fortunate as a club, we have over 500 acres that are being developed for dog training.

privately own land for technical water alone. We also have access to many farms all over Schoharie & Montgomery

County. I could not even begin to tell you how many acres this is. I am a director on the Schoharie County

Farm Bureau which has opened many doors to the club. We are lucky we don't have to use

state property with all the DEC restriction and conflicts with hunters and others groups using state

property. It is too bad DEC is getting harder and harder on using state land, and it is only going

to get worse.   We are not at the mercy of the state.  

Capital District Retriever Club will always be grateful to Blackwater Retrievers for DONATING their time
to help us start this club. Thank you Bill Eckett & Bobby George you are the best!





Michelle Linnane
2616 State Rt 162
Esperance NY 12066
518-488-8489 Day 

518-868-4566 Night



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